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We hope by the time you read this that, with the help of young people in the village, we will have planted our Diamond Jubilee Tree near the Village Hall and hopefully where two diseased ash trees were. 


Our tree is one of 60, awarded by the Tree Council to the Royal Borough's Tree Wardens, the Wraysbury ones in particular... More...

Investigating horse chestnut bleeding canker

Trees and wood lands play a critical role in sustaining our environment. One of the Forestry Commission’s major objectives is the long-term sustainable management of trees and woodlands. To do this, we need to address the causes of woodland decline and protect trees from invasive species and diseases. More...

The carbon in this piece of wood is equivalent to...

‘How much carbon is in a tree?’ is a common question and not one that’s easy to answer in a way most of us can relate to. 

Recent work by Forest Research sought not only to answer this, but to go one stage further by equating specific amounts of wood to everyday activities that use energy. More...


The flooding in January 2003 affected hundreds of people along the Thames and its tributaries. More than 500 properties were flooded, many more homes and businesses were in some way inconvenienced and agricultural land was inundated with flood water...More....... 


Flood Relief

Many Residents will have visited and been disappointed by the Environment Agency exhibition (held late 2009) on the proposed flood relief channels around Wraysbury. Naturally it is disappointing that the project is 20 years or so in the future,...More...

Horton woodland saved

The Royal Borough has stepped in to rescue an area of woodland next to a nature reserve from being put up for auction....More...

Site of Special Scientific Interest

Wraysbury and Hythe End gravel pits has been notified under Section 28 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI)..More....



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